Kesai raw material warehouse

In 2017 we four fluorine material with Asia's largest manufacturer of shandong dongyue group to become strategic partners, family is the only a company that has an independent raw material production line, every batch of raw material should be used after purchasing and quality inspection strictly, guarantee without impurities, low moisture, high cleanliness, qualified to enter the production process, from the source to ensure product quality


Kesai workshop

Different from general engineering plastics, ptFE profiles first require the raw material powder to be moulded through high pressure equipment with a specific mold


Kesai sintering plant

After molding, the material needs to be heated in a high temperature sintering furnace. However, because the sintering temperature of PTFE is high, reaching 330-380 ℃, it is easy to generate shrinkage and deformation during sintering cooling, so there are higher requirements on the environment, sintering temperature and sintering time.


Kesai Quality Control Department

After sintering, there will be a special person to check the quality of the PTFE profile, and every product with the Trademark of The Corse is our interpretation of quality.


Kesai sheet warehouse

Sufficient inventory for customers to provide first-class logistics support.


Kesai processing plant

Through decades of continuous exploration of tetrafluorin products, our ability to process profiles has been in the leading position in the industry.At present, we have hundreds of finishing lathes and various types of different processing centers.


Kesai Technical team

We have a professional technical research and development team, dozens of experienced engineers and a group of pioneering spirit, serious and responsible staff, to provide customers with a full range of services, professional technical support and first-class products.