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Zhejiang Kesai New Material Technology Co. LTD 2020-07-13 00:09:11

    TongXiaoYe, born in 1973, master of business administration, the MDC party member, the zhejiang conceptfe new material technology co., LTD., chairman, zheshang director of the national council on the fluorine plastics processing professional committee of outstanding young entrepreneurs, the standing committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference, huzhou, huzhou city, the MDC entrepreneurs association vice President, the MDC deqing county committee vice chairman at the grass-roots level, standing vice President of deqing county tsu, executive vice President of deqing county women entrepreneurs association.Won the "zhejiang worker", "the MDC leader in zhejiang province", "outstanding young heart", "moving deqing ten women", "respect for the elderly to respect advanced individual", "second beautiful deqing sister-in-law", "deqing county worker", "deqing county labor model" and "public welfare deqing osella awards for technical achievement", "ten excellent deqing county united front", "huzhou beautiful mother" and other honorary title, numerous honorary certificate, past trophy is at all levels of government, institutions and social organizations to TongXiaoYe chairman of affirmation and encouragement.


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