PTFE Packing

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Product categories

PTFE Gland Packing

Divided into oil - containing white tetrafluoride packing and oil - free white tetrafluoride packing

PTFE Black Packing

Divided into oil - containing black tetrafluoride packing and oil - free black tetrafluoride packing

Other packing

Aramid mixed black tetrafluoron packing, aramid wrapped Angle black tetrafluoron packing, split wire tetrafluoron packing

Product features

1. Certain elastoplasticity

2. Chemical stability

3. Impermeability and temperature resistance

4. Good self-lubrication

Product specification

Length size: 3~50mm, such as 3*3, 4* 4,50 *50, etc. The details will be discussed later.

Product use

It is widely used for rotary seal of centrifugal pump, compressor, vacuum pump, mixer and ship propeller, reciprocating compressor, reciprocating movement shaft seal of refrigerating machine, and rotary seal of valve stem.

Main technical indicators

project name


Pure PTFE indicators

tensile strength



elongation at break





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