PEEK plate/bar

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PEEK is a semi-crystalline high temperature resistant thermoplastic polymer, which achieves the perfect combination of rigidity and toughness of materials, and is the engineering plastics with the best comprehensive performance.

Its characteristics are shown in the following table:


serial number




high temperature resistance

The long-term service temperature is 250℃, which can maintain excellent mechanical performance even when the instantaneous service temperature is over 300℃.


stand wear and tear

PEEK polymers and their composites have excellent wear resistance under extreme conditions such as high temperature, high load and strong corrosion.



With low friction coefficient, it can work in oil, water, steam, weak acid and alkali medium for long term.


corrosion resistance

Insoluble in common solvents, it has good corrosion resistance to various organic and inorganic chemical reagents.


high strength

In plastic has the best mechanical strength, and aluminum alloy, but also has high rigidity and surface hardness.


Easy processing

Suitable for a variety of processing processes, can be turned, milling, drilling, tapping, bonding and ultrasonic welding and other post-processing.


hydrolysis resistance

In the temperature of more than 250℃ steam or in high pressure water immersion, can continue to work for thousands of hours without significant performance degradation.


fire resistance

Without the use of any additives, the 1.45m PEEK sample has an flammability rating of ul94v-0.


Low smoke non-toxic

Smoke and gas are extremely low when burned, and the only gas left after complete combustion is carbon dioxide.


behaviour of electricity

Stable and excellent electrical performance can be maintained over a wide range of temperature and frequency.



With strong resistance to high-dose gamma radiation, the mechanical properties can be retained completely, which can be used as radiation resistant parts in nuclear equipment.


dimensional stability

With extremely low water absorption and linear thermal expansion coefficient, its products have excellent dimensional stability in various application scenarios, and the machining accuracy is within 0.01mm.


Absorbing sex

The composite with broken fiber and carbon powder in proportion has good wave absorption, so that the radar wave will not form crawling wave on the surface, so as to realize the stealth function of aircraft.


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